Monday December 12th, 2011

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
TIES2011- Cultivate Your Donkey Cam Kung Fu
TIES2011- Flipped Classroom Community of Interest
TIES2011- SMART Notebook Math Tools for Windows, Word Equation Editor and MathType
TIES2011-Cell Phones in the Classroom
TIES2011- Integrate 21st Century Technology into the K-2 Classroom
TIES2011- Calling all researchers!!!
TIES2011- Students as Creators and Teachers of Content
TIES2011- Managing Hardware and Software Upgrades
TIES2011- Student-Centered Learning with iPad Apps
TIES2011- Five Student-Driven Projects That Engage Higher-Level Thinking Skills
TIES2011- Building a Broadband Highway That Leads to Opportunities
TIES2011- Creating Online Digital Learning Packages in Activity-Based Classes
TIES2011- Beyond Bullet Points Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate and Inspire
TIES2011-Using GoogleDocs and Moodle to Teach Collaboratively
TIES2011- iPads in a Daily 5 Classroom
TIES2011- Using Web 2.0 Tools and Interactive Technology to Increase Student Literacy
TIES2011- Digital Citizenship Ostracism and Bullying, a Proactive Investigation
TIES2011- What Can Educators Learn from Video Games?

10:40 AM to 11:30 AM
TIES2011- Differentiated Instruction in Technology Training
TIES2011- Transforming American Education Learning Powered by Technology
TIES2011- Hey You, Get onto My Cloud!
TIES2011- Braincasting Using Your Classroom Projector More Creatively and Effectively
TIES2011- Using FlexBooks® Digital Textbooks and Open Source Tools
TIES2011- SMART Advanced Marzano Lesson Creation Strategies That Increase Achievement
TIES2011- Moodling with PLCs A Tale of Two Communities
TIES2011- Transform Your Lessons for the 21st-Century Learner
TIES2011- Free or Nearly Free Utilities for the Network Administrator Updated for 2011
TIES2011- Improving Reading Fluency with iPod touch
TIES2011- Mobile Devices Learning in the Classroom and Beyond
TIES2011- Rethinking Professional Development Digital Content and Building Community
TIES2011- Using Keyboarding Online-Real Skills
TIES2011- Using Identity Automation to Provision Student and Staff Systems
TIES2011- Designing the 21st-Century Classroom Multimedia System
TIES2011- Google Docs Assessments (or How to Make the Internet Grade Your Tests)
TIES2011- Enhancing Collaboration with the iPad and Apple TV
TIES2011- A Few of My Favorite (Elementary Technology) Things
TIES2011- Raising Awareness and Addressing the Problem of the Digital Divide
TIES2011- Flipping My Classroom
TIES2011- Technical Community of Interest
TIES2011- Classroom Connections via Interactive Video Systems

11:45 AM to 12:35 PM
TIES2011- The Election, Policy and You How You Can Effect Change
TIES2011- What is Verizon Thinkfinity?
TIES2011- So You Want to Video Conference But Were Afraid to Ask
TIES2011- I-imagine Waking Up a Generation for Their Own Greatness
TIES2011- Google Search Like a Superhero
TIES2011- Using Naiku to Engage Students Through Online and Mobile Formative Assessment
TIES2011- Deploying and Managing iPad in a 1-to 1-Initiative
TIES2011-Promethean Interactive Whiteboard Community of Interest
TIES2011- Innovate with Free Digital Content
TIES2011- When Literacy and Technology Collide
TIES2011- Project-Based Student Learning for Language Arts and Social Studies
TIES2011- Frameworks for Minnesota Mathematics and Science Standards
TIES2011- TIES Managed Service
TIES2011- Don’t Go Craz-E How to Manage an E-Book Collection with Ease
TIES2011- Beyond Writer's Notebooks
TIES2011- What Can't You Do with the iPad-iPod Touch in the Classroom?
TIES2011- School A Classroom Video Game for Learning Minnesota State Standards
TIES2011- 30 Engaging Web 2.0 Classroom Tools
TIES2011- Moving Forward and Sustaining Technology Integration
TIES2011- Using the SMART Table in the Elementary Classroom

1:20 PM to 2:10 PM
TIES2011- Online Communities of Practice – A World of Innovation and a Tool for Change
TIES2011- Laugh, Think and Cry Reducing the Achievement Gap with Technology
TIES2011- iOS on the Prairie
TIES2011- Lesson Casting with Your Teacher Web Site
TIES2011- Testing and 21st Century Skills Finding the Balance
TIES2011- SMART Notebook 10.7 Uncovering the Hidden Tools
TIES2011- Whitewater Learning™ E-Education for Educators
TIES2011- The all new Channel One News Interactiv
TIES2011- Bringing History into the 21st Century with Technology
TIES2011- What's New at Apple
TIES2011- Blogging to Learn and Connect
TIES2011- Personal Learning Environments The Future of Education
TIES2011- Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server Core
TIES2011- Accelerate Learning An Introduction to Brain Fitness
TIES2011- Top 10 Ways to Use Google Earth and Maps in All Classrooms
TIES2011- Increase Reading Fluency with iPod touches
TIES2011- Technology Competencies All Educational Administrators Need
TIES2011- Digital Citizenship A Collaborative Approach
TIES2011- Minnesota Learning Loop Teacher Resource Center
TIES2011-Improving Reading Fluency with iPod touch
TIES2011-Internet2 An Infrastructure and Community Update

2:25 PM to 3:15 PM
TIES2011- Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom Through Technology
TIES2011- Extreme Google Makeover School Edition
TIES2011- Technology-Enhanced Parent Communication
TIES2011- Gaming Community of Interest
TIES2011- Web Tools for Grades 4-8 In-Depth Inquiry
TIES2011- Collaborate or Duplicate—How Can the Minnesota Learning Commons Help You?
TIES2011- Active Classrooms, Active Technology!
TIES2011- Introduction to Personal Learning Networks for Students
TIES2011- Health, Math and Technology equals Careers
TIES2011- Mac OS X Lion-Lion Server
TIES2011- Exploring Online Professional Development
TIES2011- You Can Do THAT with a Netbook?
TIES2011- Too Many Hats? Life in Educational Technology Support
TIES2011- iPads in Music and the Fine Arts
TIES2011- Harnessing the Power of Fluency to Build Comprehension
TIES2011- Nooks and Kindles and iPads, Oh My!
TIES2011- iPads & Apps for Administrators
TIES2011- Innovation in Education
TIES2011- Internet Safety 101
TIES2011-Design Thinking An Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology

Tuesday December 13th, 2011

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
TIES2011- Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements
TIES2011- Moodle Community of Interest
TIES2011- Personalized Learning in the Music Room
TIES2011- 7 Steps to Successfully Integrate Online Discussions That Complement Your Curriculum
TIES2011- Top 10 Free Web Sites and Programs for Interactive Boards
TIES2011- Students Create, You Differentiate with Kerpoof Studio
TIES2011- Expanding the Classroom Walls with Interactive Video Conferencing
TIES2011- iOS Management
TIES2011- Creating Digital Science Stories
TIES2011- Using an iPad as a Special Education Tool
TIES2011- A Plan for Professional Development Duluth Public Schools Model
TIES2011- Make W-A-Y
TIES2011- Increasing Digital Access in the Classroom with Ubuntu Linux
TIES2011- The Power of Many How (and Why) to Organize Your Own Unconference.
TIES2011- Using Time-Saving 21st-Century Assessment Tools
TIES2011- iTouch, iLearn Using iPads in the Elementary Classroom
TIES2011- Creating Student-Centered Mobile Learning Networks Using Facebook, Twitter and Cell Phones
TIES2011- Learning with a Purpose Embedding Service-Learning and Technology in the Classroom
TIES2011- Internet Filtering A Rational Approach

10:40 AM to 11:30 AM
TIES2011- Transforming Education for the 21st Century
TIES2011- Getting the Most from Your Personalized Learning Network
TIES2011- Lessons Learned from iPad Implementations
TIES2011- Technology in the Responsive Classroom
TIES2011- BYOD Community of Interest
TIES2011- Being Present When You Are Absent
TIES2011- Online Learning Horizons in Minnesota
TIES2011- Promethean Panel
TIES2011- A Classroom in the Cloud
TIES2011- Run Your Own Open-Source Streaming Video Server
TIES2011- Mac OS X iOS Tips and Trick
TIES2011- The Web 2.0 You Might Not Know About
TIES2011- Using an iPad to Make Classroom Walk-throughs More Efficient
TIES2011- How FABLAB Engages Students in STEM
TIES2011- Technology Integration in the Language Immersion Classroom
TIES2011- Applying Lifelong Learning to Technical Support
TIES2011- High-Speed Photography Made Easy
TIES2011- The Wi-Fi Device Explosion on Campus—What’s Your Plan?
TIES2011- Going Ga Ga for Googlios Google-Based Portfolios
TIES2011- How to Teach with an iPad
TIES2011- Flipped Professional Development
TIES2011 Guiding Our Kids Through Virtual Neighborhoods
TIES2011- Images Before Words Teach the Way Students Learn

11:45 AM to 12:35 PM
TIES2011- Data-Driven Personalized Learning through iCivics and Gamified Learning
TIES2011- Building a Digital Classroom
TIES2011- 50 Sites in 50 Minutes
TIES2011- Technology-Infused Literacy Lessons for Primary Students
TIES2011- SMART Board Community of Interest
TIES2011- Socrates in the 21st Century
TIES2011- Minnesota Hybrid Pilot Project
TIES2011- Hidden Objects Mystery of the Promethean Browsers
TIES2011- Transform Your Pedagogy with Content
TIES2011- International Mindedness 10 Ways to Collaborate
TIES2011- Not Just Digital Flash Cards Higher-Order Thinking with iOS Devices
TIES2011- Engaging Students with Technology in Challenging Economic Times
TIES2011- Smarter, Not Harder Aligning Reliable Database Content with Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards
TIES2011- Help Desk Online When Sticky Notes and Spreadsheets Aren't Enough
TIES2011- Minnesota Learning Loop Teacher Resource Center
TIES2011- Reading for Meaning Fluently
TIES2011- Alternative Assessments for Special Education Students
TIES2011- Engage Your ESL Student with iPads
TIES2011- Personalized Learning in the Early Grades
TIES2011- Project-Based Learning Experiences for the 21st Century
TIES2011- Techspectations What to Expect from Your Technology Staff
TIES2011- Data Analytics in Education Solving Big Data Problems
TIES2011- Fifty Fantastic Ways to Use Video in your Classroom
1:20 PM to 2:10 PM
TIES2011- Gaming in Classrooms The Possibilities and Realities
TIES2011- Increasing Technology Access with Student-Owned Devices
TIES2011- A Gadgets Freak's Favorite Gadgets
TIES2011- Implementing Math Fact Fluency as an Effective Online Tool
TIES2011- Google Apps Community of Interest
TIES2011- SMART Board Panel
TIES2011- Professional Development for Blended Instruction Requires a Blended Approach
TIES2011- Reinventing the Interactive White Board
TIES2011- Super-Teacher Productivity Secrets
TIES2011- Supporting H.323 Video Conferencing on Your Network
TIES2011- Software Deployment with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
TIES2011- iCloud from Apple for Education
TIES2011- The iPad and iPod touch for the School Administrator
TIES2011- Good Reading, Good Writing and the Icing on the Cake--Animation!
TIES2011- Book Blogs Online, Interactive Response Journals for Literature Circles
TIES2011- Virtualization 101 for Education
TIES2011- Media Literacy for the 21st-Century Classroom
TIES2011- Exciting New Teaching Tools for 1-1 Learning
TIES2011- Google Docs Practical Applications
TIES2011- Flipped Classroom
TIES2011- Raising Good Digital Citizens Through K-12 Student and Parent Education
TIES2011- Progressive Technology Integration and the Future of Document Cameras
TIES2011- Technical Community of Interest
TIES2011- Are Open Source Flexbooks in Your Future?
2:25 PM to 3:15 PM
TIES2011- Using Personal Technologies to Motivate Rather Than Distract
TIES2011- Wellnology 101 Helping Kids Find the Balance Between Real Life and Virtual Life
TIES2011- Using Technology for Data-Based Decision-Making Ideas for Better Implementation
TIES2011- Engage, Interact and Create with SMART Notebook
TIES2011- Bidding Adieu to Textbooks
TIES2011- YouTube and Screencasting in the Classroom
TIES2011- ActivEngage Mobile with B.Y.O.T.
TIES2011- Engage Your Students with Video Conferencing
TIES2011- Securing the Enterprise with Microsoft Forefront
TIES2011- Action Research iPads and 1st-Grade Readers
TIES2011- Citizen Journalism in the Classroom
TIES2011- Making Math and Science Relevant with Online Discussions
TIES2011- Social Studies and Google Apps
TIES2011- Bringing Math Story Problems to Life with iPad 2
TIES2011- Go Beyond Multipe Choice with Student Response Systems
TIES2011- School Librarians as Digital Resource Providers Integrating E-books
TIES2011- Teaching 21st-Century Skills in a Single Computer Classroom
TIES2011-iPad iPod Community of Interest
TIES2011- Creating Your Own Professional Learning Network
TIES2011- Achieving Your Cloud Vision
TIES2011- Student-Centered Learning with iPad Apps