Saturday December 10th, 2011

8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

TIES2011_1011-Moodle: Compact Course Design
TIES2011_1012-Digital Sandbox 2012
TIES2011_1013- Online Resources for the Interactive Whiteboard
TIES2011_1014- Web 2.0 for Real Teachers in Real Classrooms

12:30 AM to 3:30 PM

TIES2011_2001- Assessment Using TechnologyTIES2011_2002- Creating Your Personal Learning NetworkTIES2011_2003- Blaming Gutenburg: The Epublishing RevolutionTIES2011_2004- You Can Do THAT with a Netbook?

8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

TIES2011_1001- Google Apps for Education Workshop
TIES2011_1002- Hit the Ground Running: Web 2.0 Tools to Use with Students Today!
TIES2011_1003- SMART Advanced: Marzano Lesson Creation Strategies That Increase Achievement
TIES2011_1006- Taking Student Learning Global with Google Geo Tools
TIES2011_1007- iOS as a Creation Platform - Using iPad to Create
TIES2011_1008- The Linux Challenge II: From the Desktop to Lab and Beyond
TIES2011_1009- Claiming Your District's Place in Online Learning
TIES2011_1010- Beyond Snapshots

Sunday December 11th, 2011

8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

TIES2011_3006- SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit Introduction and Implementation
TIES2011_3008- Digital Photography and Photo Editing
TIES2011_3009- EBooks: Has Their Time Come?
TIES2011_3011- iOS Hands-on Management
TIES2011_3012- Cultivate Your Donkey Cam Kung Fu
TIES2011_3013- Getting to Know Your iPad
TIES2011_3014- 21st Century Skills: Tools and Resources for Teachers
TIES2011_3015- I Didn't Know I Could Do That with a Cell Phone!
TIES2011_3016- Innovative Writing Activities for 21st-Century Learners

12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

TIES2011_4001- Learning Jams: Improvising Learning Opportunities in Your Classrooms
TIES2011_4002- Using Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance School-Home Connections
TIES2011_4003- Twitter! Twitter! and More Twitter!
TIES2011_4004- Rethinking Technology-Related Professional Development: Using the TPACK Framework
TIES2011_4005- Lion/Lion Server Hands-on
TIES2011_4006- Clicker Renaissance: New Strategies for Audience Response Systems
TIES2011_4007- Administrators on the Go: Using the iPad to Increase Personal Productivity
TIES2011_4008- Verizon Thinkfinity - Free Online Lessons and Resources for Your Classroom
TIES2011_4009- Young Digital Citizens: Teaching Online Responsibility to Students Under 13
TIES2011_4010- Math and Science Freeware Sharing Session
TIES2011_4011- Data Visualization and Information Graphics
TIES2011_4012- Take Technology Training from the Classroom to the Community

8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

TIES2011_3001-Creative Mobile Media
TIES2011_3002- SMART Math Tools
TIES2011_3004- iPad Use, Deployment and Applications - Year 2 A Deeper Dive
TIES2011_3005- CoSN CTO Leadership Symposium: UIsing Technology to Reimagine Learning