Monday December 10th, 2012

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
TIES2012_SMART Technologies Playground
TIES2012_Dual Perspectives: iPads and Special Education
TIES2012_Creating Fluid Textbooks Using iBooks Author
TIES2012_60 plus iPad Apps for Music Education
TIES2012_Innovative Spaces Support 21st-Century Learning
TIES2012_Make Engaging Book Trailers Using PowerPoint 2010
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support K-12 Standards
TIES2012_Planning and Preparing for an IVC Experience
TIES2012_Need More Tech Support? Enlist Some Students!
TIES2012_iTunesU and the Flipped Classroom
TIES2012_Using the iPad for Emotional Regulation
TIES2012_Inspire Reluctant Students with Google and iPads
TIES2012_Android and Friends
TIES2012_Flipping the Language Classroom
TIES2012_Personal Learning Networks
TIES2012_Game That Lesson Plan

10:55 AM to 11:45 AM
TIES2012_Engaging Learners and Developing Teachers Through Gaming
TIES2012_To Flip or Not to Flip
TIES2012_Teaching with iPads: Best Practices and Results
TIES2012_SMART Formative Assessment
TIES2012_Stuck in a SMART Board Rut?
TIES2012_iBooks Author in the Classroom
TIES2012_Improving Questioning Strategies Using iPads
TIES2012_Delivering Synchronous Virtual PD to 1,000
TIES2012_A Day in the Elementary ActivClassroom
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Secondary 9-12 Standards
TIES2012_What Is the Media Telling My Students?
TIES2012_Help! My students all have iPads - now what?
TIES2012_Game Design = STEM: Simple As That!
TIES2012_CoSN's CETL Certification Program
TIES2012_Digital Primary Resources in the Classroom
TIES2012_Learning Jams: Improvising BYOD Learning Opportunities
TIES2012_Usings IPads for Teacher Observations and Evaluations
TIES2012_Virtualization 101
TIES2012_15 Inspiring PD Tools
TIES2012_Instructional Design Theory for 21st-Century Skills
TIES2012_Mobile Devices, Meet Your New Manager
TIES2012_Maps You Can't Teach Without
TIES2012_Engaging Students with iPad Projects
TIES2012_Professional Development EdCamp Style
TIES2012_OS2: Online Smart, Online Safe
TIES2012_Tech Tools to Build Literate Lives

12:15 PM to 1:05 PM
TIES2012_Engage and Transform Teachers with Flipped PD
TIES2012_Cell Phones in the Classroom
TIES2012_Accessing Abilities
TIES2012_Flipping your classroom the SMART way
TIES2012_Ins and Outs of iTunes U
TIES2012_Managing iPad Deployments in K-12 Schools
TIES2012_Coaching, Collaboration and Social Media for Educators
TIES2012_Transformative Transparency = iPads plus Moodle
TIES2012_iPad Meets Formative Instruction
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Elementary (E-5) Standards?
TIES2012_MAGPI Presents K-12 Videoconferencing for Learning
TIES2012_Too Many Hats? Life in Educational Tech Support
TIES2012_Google Chrome: Make the Internet work for You
TIES2012_Detecting and Preventing Plagiarism
TIES2012_Technology and the Brain: What You Need to Know
TIES2012_Digital Conversion for Student Achievement
TIES2012_Mac Tips and Tricks
TIES2012_Photoshop Tips and Tricks
TIES2012_Technology-Enhanced Parent Communication
TIES2012_Instilling Cultural Awareness in Teens
TIES2012_How to Build Awful Web Pages and Digital Resources
TIES2012_Meeting for Schools Interested in Gaming Pilot with Zoran Popovic
TIES2012_Chrome and Chromebooks in the Classroom
TIES2012_Lessons from iPads in a 1:1 Environment
TIES2012_iMovie for the iPad
TIES2012_Literacy, Nooks and 21st-Century Libraries
TIES2012_Making Learning Visible, Convenient, Mobile and Possible

1:20 PM to 2:10 PM
TIES2012_iPads, Apps and Gaming Galore
TIES2012_It's Personal: iOS Devices and Special Needs
TIES2012_Device Agnostic Tools for a BYOD World
TIES2012_SMARTer use of Student Devices
TIES2012_Making the Most of Student Response Systems
TIES2012_Twitter and Goodreads for Professional Development
TIES2012_Planning and Evaluating 1:1 Learning with iPads
TIES2012_E-Learning = Moodling with Collaborative Curriculum
TIES2012_Assessment: It Does a Student Body Good
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Middle School (6-8) Standards
TIES2012_The World in Your Classroom-Videoconferencing
TIES2012_Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
TIES2012_Technology Enhancement by Mini-Grant
TIES2012_Exploring the Affordances of Augmented Reality in Education
TIES2012_Demystifying QR Codes
TIES2012_Meet the Author: Simon Sinek
TIES2012_Staff Professional Development on a Stick
TIES2012_Increasing Digital Access: Our Next Step
TIES2012_Using Technology Responsibly
TIES2012_ELOs, Assessments and Progress Reports
TIES2012_The School Leader's Role in Effective PD
TIES2012_Put Your Classroom on the Map! Google Earth and Maps
TIES2012_Using iOS Apps to Foster Literacy Learning
TIES2012_Online and Digital Resources for Minnesotans
TIES2012_Discovery Education and the iPad

2:25 PM to 3:15 PM
TIES2012_Daily Life with 1:1 Devices
TIES2012_50 Sites in 50 Minutes
TIES2012_How Games-Based Thinking Shaped My Classroom
TIES2012_SMART Collaborative Classroom
TIES2012_SMART Board Notebook Tips and Tricks
TIES2012_Standards-Based Flexbooks for Grades 6, 7 and 8
TIES2012_Best Practices of Geography Teachers‚ Integration
TIES2012_Using Online Learning to Engage and Motivate
TIES2012_Documenting Learning with Digital Social Portfolios
TIES2012_What Does It Take to Run a School Viz Lab?
TIES2012_Connecting Students to a Collaborative World
TIES2012_A Tour of System Center Configuration Manager
TIES2012_English Classroom in the Cloud
TIES2012_Use Technology to Reflect and Connect STEM Learning
TIES2012_The Digital Backpack: Field Trips of the Future
TIES2012_iPods in the Primary Classroom
TIES2012_Five Steps to a Successful BYOD
TIES2012_Apple Configurator, VPP Apps and the Cart
TIES2012_Professional Development: Making History with 100% Readiness
TIES2012_Teaching In the 21st Century
TIES2012_Intel's Learning Series, Open Source Teaching Tools and Grant Resources and Tips
TIES2012_Extending Google Apps for Education Through Add-Ons and Apps
TIES2012_Keynote and the iPad
TIES2012_iCreate: Assessment, Web 2.0 and Digital Technology

4:30 - 5:30 MEMO Technology Special Interest Division

Tuesday December 11th, 2012

8:00 AM to 8:50 AM
TIES2012_SMART Technologies Playground
TIES2012_Authoring and Publishing Your Own Digital Textbook
TIES2012_Rethinking Textbooks for Changing Classrooms
TIES2012_Preparing the School Culture for 1:1 Computing
TIES2012_Innovative Spaces Support 21st-Century Learning
TIES2012_Managing Technology in Student-Centered Classrooms
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support K-12 Standards
TIES2012_Connecting Globally with Videoconferencing
TIES2012_Start Securing Your Passwords the Easy Way
TIES2012_Tools for Managing iPads in Education Environments
TIES2012_Google Chrome: Make the Internet work for You
TIES2012_Technology Tools for Math and Science Classrooms
TIES2012_Web 2.0 Professional Development in Your Building
TIES2012_The Teacher's Technology Manifesto
TIES2012_Can We Build It? Yes We Can!
TIES2012_APPlying Marzano: iPad Strategies That Work
TIES2012_iPad Friendly Sites for the Classroom
TIES2012_eLearning2 One Way to Accelerate Access
TIES2012_Flipped Professional Development: The Ripening
TIES2012_Android and Friends

10:55 AM to 11:45 AM
TIES2012_Cyberbullying and Schools: Reducing the Risk of Litigation
TIES2012_Classroom in the Cloud: Mobilizing the Learning Landscape
TIES2012_Developing the Creativity in Every Learner
TIES2012_SMART Formative Assessment
TIES2012_Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom
TIES2012_iBook Authoring Introduction
TIES2012_Learning in Their Hands: BYOD in Schools
TIES2012_Using Online Platforms to Enhance Learning
TIES2012_The All New ActivClassroom
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization solutions that support Secondary 9-12 Standards
TIES2012_Video Conferencing in the Elementary School
TIES2012_Free or Nearly Free Utilities for the Network Administrator
TIES2012_An App for Your Course: iTunes U Course Creator
TIES2012_Engaging Announcements Starring Your Students!
TIES2012_What's So Important About Search?
TIES2012_Virtual Reality Educational Pathfinders
TIES2012_Elementary Project Showcase
TIES2012_iLearn 194 Lessons: Lakeville's iPad Rollout
TIES2012_IBM Cognos and Smarter Education
TIES2012_Redeeming Time: Leveraging Technology in Education
TIES2012_Not the Ol' Stand-by: Moving Beyond PowerPoint
TIES2012_Defending Teaching Keyboarding in Today's Schools
TIES2012_My Students All Have iPads: Now What?
TIES2012_BYOD - Edcamp Style
TIES2012_Flip Your Math Classroom
TIES2012_Calling All Coaches! Come Learn about the NETS*C
TIES2012_Minnetonka's 1:1 iPad Program Overview and Results

12:15 PM to 1:05 PM
TIES2012_Flipping your classroom the SMART way
TIES2012_Creating Flexbooks Based on Minnesota Standards
TIES2012_Technical Support & Infrastructure - Edcamp Style
TIES2012_Going Mobile: A Case Study on the ELM Web Site
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Elementary (E-5) Standards
TIES2012_Microsoft Windows Server 2012
TIES2012_Assembling a Simple Storybook App for the iPad
TIES2012_The iPad in Special Education: What We've Learned
TIES2012_iPad Process and Deployment in a Rural District
TIES2012_Virtually Limitless: Moving to Virtual Servers
TIES2012_Zen Master Design
TIES2012_Don’t Go Craz-E: Finding and Using Ebooks and Online
TIES2012_iTouch, iLearn Using iPads in the Elementary Class
TIES2012_Beyond 21st-Century Learning: The Essentials
TIES2012_K-5 Research Projects Go Digital
TIES2012_Desktop Virtualization- Concepts and Realities

1:20 PM to 2:10 PM
TIES2012_Exploring the Affordances of Augmented Reality in Education
TIES2012_YouTube in the Classroom
TIES2012_A Reaction to Salman Khan and the Evolution of Flipped Learning
TIES2012_SMARTer use of student devices
TIES2012_iPads in Reading: A New Literacy Project
TIES2012_Infusing Technology into Your Classroom
TIES2012_Combating Apathy with Project-Based Learning
TIES2012_Transforming Learning with a Single Computer
TIES2012_Paperless Classroom
TIES2012_I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Middle School (6-8) Standards
TIES2012_Travel Minnesota Virtually to Meet STEM and Arts Standards
TIES2012_Develop an iOS App
TIES2012_Evernote and So Much More
TIES2012_Launch High-Altitude Ballooning with Your Students
TIES2012_Design of the Times
TIES2012_National Technology Trends, Local Implementation: Let's Talk!
TIES2012_iPad Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom
TIES2012_Cost-Effective Shared Network Services
TIES2012_Tech Tools in a Secondary English Classroom
TIES2012_IT or Educators: Who is Driving the Bus?
TIES2012_Going Google with iPads
TIES2012_Deploying and Managing iOS Devices Successfully
TIES2012_iBooks Author: Engaging the HTML Widget
TIES2012_BYOD: The Classroom Experience
TIES2012_Audiobooks in the Digital Age

2:25 PM to 3:15 PM
TIES2012_Reinventing the Interactive Whiteboard
TIES2012_SMART Collaborative Classroom
TIES2012_Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards
TIES2012_Creating Digital Textbooks with iBooks Author
TIES2012_30 WebTreasures for the Classroom
TIES2012_How AT Fixed an Accommodations and Mods Problem
TIES2012_MnSCU and K-12 Online Learning Opportunities
TIES2012_What Does It Take to Run a School Viz Lab?
TIES2012_Expanding Classroom Opportunities with H.323 Video
TIES2012_TIES Business Continuity Service
TIES2012_Elementary Classroom in the Cloud
TIES2012_Mobile Device Management with Meraki's Cloud Solution
TIES2012_Student Video: Effective, Rigorous Integration
TIES2012_Digital Content: Create, Manage and Deliver
TIES2012_Technology for Relevant Learning
TIES2012_21st-Century Interventions for Adolescent Readers
TIES2012_Digital Learning in Minnesota
TIES2012_Professional Development: Making History with 100% Readiness
TIES2012_Looking for Meaningful Change
TIES2012_Future Directions in Planning for Student Progress
TIES2012_Management for all Windows, Macs and, iOS devices
TIES2012_Creating a Chromeroom: Chromebooks in the Classroom
TIES2012_Using an iPad to Assess Student Learning
TIES2012_The Flipped Classroom: Flipping Tradition Around
TIES2012_Google Lit Trips
TIES2012_Update on Digital Literacy in Minnesota
TIES2012_Faces of the Flipped Classroom