Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Learning Jams: Improvising BYOD Learning Opportunities

Jim Hirsch

12/10/12, 10:55 AM-11:45 AM
Lake Superior A

Looking for ways to bridge BYOD efforts with improved student learning? Learning “jams" can be an energizing strategy to ignite student learning in your classrooms. Join in this session where participants will experience the use of web-based “jam tools” to provide students with BYOD investigative tools and strategies.

"This century we're going to learn a lesson about what it means to be unable to forget anything." Charles Stross

Here's someone who is not sure of the value of BYOD in classrooms.... and needs to attend this session!

Links and/or Materials:

Slides for the presentation

Suggested Learning Jam Tools

  • Poll Everywhere .::. phone and web class interaction tool
  • Backchannel alternatives .::. instant feedback (Wikipedia discussion)
    • TodaysMeet .::. web-based 140 character limit backchannel (chat) tool
    • SimpleMeet .::. web-based instant backchannel (chat) tool
    • Onelinr .::. instant backchannel with no built-in identifiers for contributors
    • Corkboard .::. web-based, free-form note area (non-sequential)
    • Wallwisher .::. web-based, free-form note area (non-sequential)
  • Wikispaces .::. wiki tool for artifact archive and learning jam presentation
  • Etherpad alternatives .::. collaborative word processing (video overview)
  • Google Docs .::. now more flexible in that documents can be embedded and shared even without Google accounts
  • Scribblar .::. flexible collaborative space (not iPad friendly - uses Flash)

  • .::. text messaging class interaction tool

  • Socrative .::. web-based class interaction tool

Learning Jams can excite the brain!

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