Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Increasing Digital Access: Our Next Step

Kenyon Wingenbach, Tanna Kincaid, Adam Cook and Dave Sherwin (with credit to Aaron Preabt and Jen Weder)

12/10/12, 1:20 PM-2:10 PM

Lake Nokomis

This update of the Bismarck Public School District’s low-cost, Ubuntu Linux-driven netbook initiative will look at how we've gone beyond our initial 100 netbook pilot to having over 650 netbooks in classrooms across the district, all of which are used to access web 2.0 resources.

Links and/or Materials:

Presentation Link:

Bismarck Public Schools Tech Guidance/Help Documents (Google Collection) (general information) - Change log and customizations page for Cedar Trail - Same as above, only for non-CT - How we enabled auto updating in Ubermix.

Moodle Course with Linux Netbook information aimed at Teachers

General overviews of what we use: - Describes the system architecture and how we swap between system changes and simple updates. Has all the steps describing how to change a base, capture, etc. - Support wiki. We use some of the pieces from here like CT conversion under Troubleshooting and we follow the change log when we perform manual updates. Also useful for a lot of the commands we run during parts of setup.