Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Cyberbulllying and Schools: Reducing the Risk of Litigation

Aimée Bissonette

12/11/12, 10:55 AM-11:45 AM
Nicollet A

This session focuses on cyber bullying in schools, legal issues and the challenges in identifying, responding to and preventing it. Get the latest on cyber bullying legislation, lawsuits and the legal and policy approaches being taken by legislators, administrators and school staff across the county to combat this threat.

Links and/or Materials:

Offical Trailer for "Minnesota Nice?"
Minnesota Prevention of Bullying Task Force Final Report
MN Statute prohibiting bullying in schools
Imagine: Bullying and Suicide Prevention PSA
MARC report on cyberbullying among 11,700 elementary students
MARC Freshman Study (July 2011)