Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Blogging to Learn and Connect

Melissa Limesand

12/12/11, 1:20 PM-2:10 PM
Lake Superior A

See how you can create a 21st-century learning environment by challenging students to document their experiences for their peers, families and a global audience. We will highlight the multiple ways that we have integrated student-centered blogging into our classrooms and showcase student blogs created using Kidblog and Word Press.

Links and/or Materials:
Blogging to Learn and Connect
Melissa Limesand and Alicia Schumacher
December 12, 2011

Why blog?
- A daily communication tool for students/families.
- A weekly wrap-up of classroom activities
- A way to share information, photos, and ideas with students/families.
- A way for students to interact with a real audience.
- A real-world way for our students to learn and interact with peers in a safe and educational way.

Blogs Shared:

Blogging to Learn and Connect webpage: