Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Creating Online Digital Learning Packages in Activity-Based Classes

Heidi Stodola

Beth Widell, co-presenter
12/12/11, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM
Cedar Lake

Learn about the components of a high-quality online digital learning package (DLP), various tools for creating and resources for publishing DLPs and how to implement DLPs in your class. Presenters will discuss the advantages and obstacles to using DLPs in activity-based classes.

Links and/or Materials:
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Handout =

Example Digital Learning Packages for Music:
NOTE: This wiki site is in progress, some lessons are completed but not all are added/completed.
Direct link to best example lesson: Staff Components

Example Digital Learning Package for FACS:
Sewing on a Button You Tube Video:

Sewing on a Button: Ppt Rubric for Students

Embedded You Tube Video - Sewing on a Button:

Presenter Contact Information:
Heidi Stodola
9-12 Band
St Francis HS
3325 Bridge St NW
St Francis MN 55070

Beth Widell
9-12 FACS
St Francis HS
3325 Bridge St NW
St Francis MN 55070