Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Deploying and Managing iPad in a 1-to 1-Initiative

Christopher Smalstig

12/12/11, 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
Lake Superior A

Is your district looking at deploying iOS devices? Are you wondering where to start in the process of setting up and deploying? Come learn how West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Schools has been on the cutting edge of deploying of iPads in a one-to-one environment.

Links and/or Materials:
West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan 1:1 iPad Program:
DropBox Location for a PDF of Presentation:

District Site for All About iPad:
Technical Side
  • MDM
    • Casper by JAMF
    • Manage profiles
    • Allowed Apps
    • Allowed Movies
    • Allowed TV Shows
    • Explicit music and podcast
    • Wi-Fi Network(s)
    • Clear Passcodes
    • Inventory of what iPad has what apps
  • Apple Developer Tools
    • Push Technology
  • XCode
    • Updating the iOS
    • Can update multiply iOS devices at once
  • iPCU
    • Installing staging area Wi-Fi
    • Enrolling into MDM
  • Sync Station/Carts
    • Installing apps on iPads
    • Installing PDFs
  • Mobile Me / iCloud
    • Find my iPhone
    • Limit to 100 devices per account
  • iTunes Accounts
    • Limited to about 70 devices per account
  • VPP
    • Account per each of the buildings
    • Credit cards are welcome now
  • Staff versus Student iPad
    • Student
      • Closed
      • District puts apps on
      • Apps Store not open on iPad unless updating apps
    • Staff
      • Open
      • Their own iTunes account