Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Exploring Online Professional Development

Todd Pierson and Renee Jesness

12/12/11, 2:25 PM-3:15 PM
Lake Superior A

Minneapolis Public Schools, through an EdTech ARRA grant, explored strategies for effective online professional development. We used external courses from EdTech Leaders Online, Promethean, and Key Curriculum Press. We also developed our own Moodle courses (which we have made available for free on Moodleshare287). And finally we conducted virtual professional learning communities. In our session we will share the results of our external evaluation by Wilder and lessons learned from our two year project.

Links and/or Materials:
Exploring Online Professional Development Prezi

Facilitating Online Professional Development

Ten Tips for Effective Online Facilitation: EdTech Leaders Online

What is an Effective Online Learning Community? Voicethread from EdTech Leaders Online Facilitators

Strategies for Providing Online Feedback: Illinois Online Network

Online Course Elements: EdTech Leaders Online

Online Discussions

Washington State: Fostering Critical Engagement in Online Discussion (pdf)

Discussion Board Expections from EdTech Leaders Online

Adult Learning Theory

Adult Learning Theory from Speck's Research, NCREL

Moodle for Online Professional Development

Iowa Collective: Online PD Initiative--Blog post, Moodle Uses for PD