Community of Interest

Tuesday Evaluation

Google Apps Community of Interest

Ann Jurewicz

12/13/11, 1:20 PM- 2:10 PM
Greenway B/C

Meet. Collaborate. Engage. Share. This session is designed for sharing best practices of effective educational use of everything Google, both for individuals and schools.

Links and/or Materials:

Notes from Session - Sharing of Best Practices:

What have you done that has been effective?
  • Google+ Hangout as a way to present math and collaborate
  • Using spreadsheet for setting up tutors with current students
  • Could use calendars for signing up for appointments and then embed in another email. Resource calendars are for a task and multiple people could sign up for the same time.
  • Create calendars for each course. Can embed this in other websites. Students/Parents can subscribe to it.

How are schools opening Google apps at their district?
  • At St. Louis Park we are struggling with opening it up to students and bringing teachers up to speed so there is no push back.
  • When parents bring forward concerns it may be brought to their attention that Google has more control and archives than many of the devices that students have.
  • One school has been working on apps but haven't been making the conversion to mail yet to give the teachers two years to make the conversion.
  • One school has 7-12 emails but no lower, however there would be good use for the teachers 6th grade class as well.
  • The Mpls district has it from k-up. Parents are informed and need to sign acceptable use policies.
  • A small district has noticed that students are not emailing, they are texting. They have not gone below 5th grade emails.
  • Google apps on the ipad is not working effectively at this point.

Best practices:
  • Taking notes at staff meetings to share.
  • Collaborating on writing assignments.
  • A scheduling opportunity.
  • Revision history to check on cheating or who is not doing the work.
  • Peer reviews with revision history, comments, and color coding with edits.
  • Use as a database for notes.

Google Tutorials and Google Help are great sources of information!