Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Help Desk Online: When Sticky Notes and Spreadsheets Aren't Enough

Marilyn Kuppe

12/13/11, 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
Lake Minnetonka

Edina Public Schools' Help Desk Online system was designed in-house using ColdFusion and SQL Server to handle the ever-increasing number of devices, equipment and demands on the technology staff. This demonstration will cover system setup; the process to create, update and close a request; and the search feature.

Links and/or Materials:

The Help Desk Online demo site is ready!

You can find it here:

Demo account credentials:
Login: hdosample
Password: trymeout

Feel free to explore and try things out.
Use the different accounts or make your own. All accounts have “trymeout” as the password.
If you create your own account, you can receive emails for your online activity.
Create, update and close a request.
Remember that all requests can be viewed by anyone testing the demo site.

Let me know if you have any questions – or better yet, create a request and assign it to me.

Thanks for your interest in our Help Desk Online system!
Marilyn Kuppe