Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Making Math and Science Relevant with Online Discussions

Colt Briner

12/13/11, 2:25 PM-3:15 PM
Lake Calhoun

Learn how to make math and science relevant with online discussions. We'll cover setting guidelines and expectations, getting substantive responses from students, how online discussions save time and ways to keep it fun and fresh while driving higher-level thinking skills. Exhibitor-sponsored session

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Discussion Prompts that can be used with science and math topics:

Ask students to:
1. explain a concept to a 5 year old.
2. provide real life examples of concepts for peers.
3. find examples from their own life that demonstrate concepts.
4. use real objects they interact with every day (textbook) to teach concepts.
5. connect their lives, personalities, interests, etc. to concepts (i.e. periodic table).
6. solve quirky challenges that require real math and science. (Tip: Keep parameters loose = many possible approaches and answers.)
7. identify what _ (i.e. chemistry) can do.
8. tackle daily life scenarios that require math.
9. decide: myth or real?

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