Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Managing Hardware and Software Upgrades

Jay Durbin

12/12/11, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM

From new Microsoft licensing options to imaging thousands of machines, planning for and executing a big hardware and software upgrade can be a daunting task. Come to this session to learn some proven best practices for managing upgrade projects big or small.
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Links and/or Materials:
Jay's Powerpoint
Lynda's Powerpoint

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions:
Enrollment for Education Solutions Powerpoint (start with this one if you are exploring MS EES)

List of Microsoft software CAL's included in the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) bundle:

Link to Micosoft's Enrollment for Education Solutions site:
Link to Computer Box and their explanation of MS EES (pretty good):
Link to Software Express' FAQ's on MS EES and Microsoft Open Value Subscription Education Solution Agreement:
Osseo's site for end-user training on Win 7 and Office 2010:
Our experience with drivers and compatability with our printers:
HP Universal Print Driver website - All UPD’s documentation is under the Documentation tab.
This System Admin Guide is very good (even with the typo in the title):

Osseo's Refresh Project Information:
Refresh Allocation Workbook - used to determine how each school will spend their allocation value assignment:

Lesson's Learned comments on an Excel sheet:

Some of Jay's favorite positive thinking videos:

Dewitt Jones – What is Right With The World. or http://[[|]]
Cold Play – "do it with enthusiasm" (60 Minutes Interview) [[
Why we do technology (60 Minutes):
Project Management Humor