Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Minnesota Hybrid Pilot Project

Amee Wittbrodt and Carrie Schlicht

12/13/11, 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
Greenway F/G

Blended learning might seem out of reach for small districts with limited budgets, but it isn't. Hear how you can open doors for students through blended learning. Gain an understanding of the Hybrid Pilot Project and how to get started in your district for minimal cost with maximum results.

Links and/or Materials:
Link to our website full of resources for you to use when starting up a hybrid class.

Ties Prezi Presentation
Link to the Prezi from today's presentation. You can also view it below.

HPP Phase 1, 2, 3.pdf
This "How To Guide" contains the 3 phases of creating a successful hybrid program.

Six Models of Blended Learning.pdf
This handout describes the six models of blended learning discussed in the presentation.