Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Moodling with PLCs: A Tale of Two Communities

Dave Sherwin and Shawn Stelter

Bismarck Public School District

12/12/11, 10:40 AM -11:30 AM

Greenway F/G

Moodle is transforming how our Personalized Learning Communities content teams are collaboratively working to construct Moodle master courses. These courses are then duplicated and populated with students for teachers to use. Learn how teachers are working collaborating with Moodle to create and share digital activities to supplement their curriculum.

Links and/or Materials:

The PLC Moodle
is used to house the work being done by preK-12 departments and grade levels and create a common vision and common language across the district. It’s not only a place to store standards, curriculum maps, district calendars, communication forums etc., but it’s morphing into a place where PLC teams can chronicle their most recent work, and share documents with “job alike” colleagues.
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The Student Moodle
is used to house the master courses, which instructors in "job alike" content areas can design and create a hybrid master course of synchronous and asynchronous instructional modules for students. Once the master courses are completed they are then restored for each teacher to have their own student course, that the students are automatically enrolled from the district student information system. The list of course options are plentiful and diverse to meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st century student, who can do their assigned work and assessments from any location and in any time frame.

A BPS YouTube presentation...

...on the differences between the old school and new school PLC communities.

A BPS Prezi Presentation...

...on the differences and purposes of the PLC Moodle and the Student Moodle

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Moodle 101 - Introduction to Moodle (Latte) the Bismarck Public School's online interactive course that introduces teacher to the necessary skills to function in Moodle. Within this course teacher can explore the various Moodle features available that can be used in conjunction with their classroom, PLCs or other educational needs.

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MooLatte the Moolatte Moodle area has been setup to help facilitate technology integration materials, resources and discussion regarding the topics. This course is open to anyone without a key and can be accessed any time.

external image moodle.partner.gifMoodle Partnters

are the two Moodle service companies that we originally used for training:
Remote Learner