Poster Session

Monday Evaluation

Project-Based Learning for Global Competence

Charmagne Campbell-Patton

12/12/11, 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
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This interactive session will introduce strategies for building students' 21st-century knowledge and skills through project-based learning, with a focus on media, digital and global literacy. Participants will come away with concrete activities they can use in the classroom and a better understanding of the technology tools available to build students' global competence.

Links and/or Materials:

How does World Savvy define global competency? Check it out.

Check out the World Savvy Challenge Resources page to download the handbook, rubrics, etc

Download a student guide on researching your topic, with great information on building students web literacy.

Download the latest World Savvy Monitor on Sustainable Communities, the theme for this year's World Savvy Challenge.