Poster Session

Monday Evaluation

Tech-Enhanced Speaking Assessments for Elementary World Language Programs

Kelli McCully

12/12/11, 11:45 AM -12:35 PM
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Learn about how one elementary educator in an exploratory Spanish K-6 program used a variety of free online tools to motivate her students and capture lots of information for assessing their speaking skills. Bring your laptop and try out some of the tools for yourself.

Links and/or Materials:

Family Speaking Unit Rubric:
This rubric was the core of my 4-5-6 grade family speaking unit assessment. Students were not directed to use any one tech format for presentation, though the bulk of them opted to do so (some did prefer an "offline" format of a poster presented orally). This rubric kept the focus on the content and not the tools themselves, and helped students make a quality product that was substantive, not just techy and fun.

Screencasting Assessment Rubrics:
Students in grades 2-3 used these rubrics to guide their screencast production. We worked with them repeatedly throughout the weeks leading up to making of our screencasts. Having to evaluate their own performance in the "student" section made more than one student rethink the quality of their performance and remake their videos.

Blabberize was a favorite tool for demonstrating knowledge of how to speak about family members.