Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

iOS on the Prairie

Jenn Nelson

1:20 PM, 2:10 PM-Nicollet D

The iPod touch and iPad are game-changing tools for teachers and students. Learn what Eden Prairie High School is sharing, syncing, uploading and learning using iOS. We will discuss our successes and failures, favorite apps and how we change instruction when devices are being used. The five big ideas today:
Space Matters - building space that encourages 21st Century skills, creates a culture of learning, application and success.
The Book is Changing - the books / apps that are being created for kids books are a great example of what we need to create for everyone else.
Movie Creation is for Anyone - iMovie on the iOS becomes invisible (easy) so we can focus on storytelling.
Creation of Content - Not just Consumption - iPad as production tool
Teacher as Publisher - We need to be the ones putting our screen casts and writings together to publish "books" for our kids.

Links and/or Materials:
Select slides and narration are posted on my Blog

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