Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

iPads and Apps for Administrators

Sean Martinson

12/12/11, 2:25 PM-3:15 PM
Millennium Forum Center

Participants will discuss how they use their iPad and associated apps to enhance their skills as instructional leaders. Discussion will center around how users integrate the device and apps into their daily lives to directly increase student achievement, as well as their own personal productivity and performance.

Links and/or Materials:

Some of the apps I use:

  • Evernote> keep track of everything, notes, pictures, audio, ....
  • Instapaper> keep track of websites and articles to read at a later time.
  • Goodreader> read everything, any type of document, also can annotate documents. I set it up so I can email and forward documents and then read them on the iPad.
  • Flipboard> I use this to read my google reader account and other social network sites. Turns them into a "magazine" format...
  • Google> i sync my calendar, gmail, reader, Docs, etc. From google with my iPad.
  • News apps> NPR, AP, BBC, NY Times.
  • Productivity> Numbers, Keynote, Pages, Remote, PaperDesk
  • Reference> Wikipanion, This Day, Intellicast HD
  • Social> AudioBoo, FaceBook, Twitter, direct access to social sites....
  • Utilities> app shopper, dragon dictation, ....
  • My top three: Evernote, GoodReader, Google (suite of apps, even if direct accessing through safari).

Other sites with suggested apps:

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions!

Sean Martinson

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