Poster Session

Tuesday Evaluation

iPods In Your Classroom

Angie Kalthoff

12/13/11, 10:40 AM-11:30 AM
Poster Table 2

Using iPods in the classroom gives students a hands-on learning experience and lets them differentiate their learning. Come see how English Language teachers in ISD 742 have used applications from iTunes in an educational setting to enhance test scores, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension for new-to-country and mainstream students.

Links and/or Materials:
Here is my google doc with a list of the apps I have broken down into categories of how I use them in my classroom.
Here is some data that I have collected from my students while using the iPods.
Here are some lessons tied to the iPods.

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I welcome opportunities to speak with elementary teachers about using iPods in the classroom and provide trainings.

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