Exhibit Hall Session

Monday Evaluation

Engaging Tools for a Creative Classroom

Nicole O'Brien

12/12/11, 1:20 PM-2:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Theater

See how you can help all students to reach their full potential by giving them innovative and engaging software programs so they can express themselves. We will highlight Animation-ish (K-12), Stationery Studio (K-6), Big Screen Books (K-5) and SmartMoves.

Microsoft Voucher Information:
Many of you asked if any of our products are able to be purchased using the Microsoft Settlement Vouchers. Animation-ish, Stationery Studio and Max's Toolbox (formerly Scholastic Keys) have all been approved for purchase.

Minnesota:Stationery* Studio & Scholastic Keys (now called Max's Toolbox) are approved. Animation-ish was accepted as a "presentation tool" in both Iowa and Wisconsin, so I would think it would be the same in MN
Wisconsin: Animation-ish, Stationery Studio* & Scholastic Keys are all approved
Iowa: Animation-ish, Stationery Studio* & Scholastic Keys are all approved

*Stationery Studio is mispelled as "Station
Ary Studio" on their list
Max's Toolbox is the new and improved version "Scholastic Keys" now published by FableVision Learning

Links and/or Resources:

Online Catalog -

20% DISCOUNT through December 31, 2011 (on orders over $20)
Promo Code: FABFALL20

• Animation-ish™ (K-12 animation software)http://fablevisionlearning.com/animationish/
• Words And Their Stories™ (5-12 web-based vocabulary builder) http://fablevisionlearning.com/getaclue/
• Stationery Studio® (K-5 writing program) <http://fablevisionlearning.com/stationerystudio/index.php
• SmartMoves™ (2-12 cognitive fitness program)http://fablevisionlearning.com/smartmoves/
• Big Screen Books™-“the Dot” or “Ish” (K-5 interactive story sharing) *NEW* http://fablevisionlearning.com/bigscreenbooks/

• Max’s Toolbox (Formerly Scholastic Keys) (K-5 Training wheels for Microsoft Office) http://shop.fablevisionlearning.com/maxs-toolbox/fa/shop.detail/productID/2771/

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