TIES2011-St. Paul Academy and Summit School Kids Share Their Software Favorites

Poster Session

Tuesday Evaluation

St. Paul Academy and Summit School Kids Share Their Software Favorites

Joyce Teibel

12/13/11, 10:40 AM-12:35 PM
Rather than presenting software favorites this year, we will be involved in simulating a "Classroom of the Future" in the Skyway room. Please join us! Our schedule is:
St. Paul Academy and Summit School
Classroom of the Future, Grades 3-5
10:40 - Morning meeting
10:45 - 11 am. Skype with Animation-ish animators Bob Flynn and Hannah O'Neil
11:00 - Breakout Activities
  • Wheelchair challenge
  • Blood flow to Brain animations with Animation-ish
  • Blood Flow Blockage animations with Animation-ish
  • Flip Camera Interviews with Audience
11:15 - Dr. Carrie Steffens (speaker)
  • Brain and hand connections.
  • Blood flow to brain and what happens with blockage.
  • Compensation of body with loss of function.
11:45 – 12:30
Skype with Will Steger.
Will Steger will talk about 5-10 different extreme environments that he has visited during his expeditions.
While he is speaking, students will be shown a partial Google Earth field trip of the places mentioned. Each location will include a combination of pictures, video, audio.
After the presentation, students will add text, video, audio based on Will’s presentation. This will be added to the Google Earth field trip to finish off the project.