Preconference Workshop

Saturday Evaluation

The Linux Challenge II: From the Desktop to Lab and Beyond

Malik Bush

12/10/11,8:30 AM-3:30 PM
Lake Minnetonka

We'll consider the myriad challenges to implementing Linux in a school computer lab or in locations throughout a school or district. In this workshop, we will work together to build a Linux-based lab out of 7-year-old laptops and investigate free, open source software for Linux including network management, workstation imaging and computer lab management tools. Imagine the power that FOSS coupled with a network could yield for a school system!

Links and/or Materials:

Tools and Toys to Consider:

Basket Note Pads

High End Tools:
MuseScore - Transcribing music scores
Lightworks Beta - High End Video Editor
GIMP - Raster Art Editor

Free Online Concrete Calculator - MMC
Question: Four 10 inch Speakers, 8 ohm and 16 ohm in series what is the resulting load?
Ohm Calculator

Blender -GEDA (check out "Big Buck Bunny" as a video card processor) 3d Animation
GEDA Electronics Schematic -
Networking Tools

Tablet and Note taking tools - impressed with ease of search with the Ubuntu Software Center
Preschool and Elementary packages

Netbook project - Alternatives to things they are used
Graphing Calculator Apps
Network management tools
Apoptes - Watching a student's screen and something they want to share
Virtual Box on a MacBook Pro to allow teachers to see the student image

Sabayon - similar to group policy editing
Pessulus - Lock Down Editor

How to push out updates on all the machines
Unattended-Upgrades - chron job your updates on a machine
WakeOnLan Magic Packets -
Local Mirror