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CoSN CTO Leadership Symposium: UIsing Technology to Reimagine Learning

Sheryl Abshire

12/11/11, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM
Millennium Loring

Designed for school district leaders, this full day leadership symposium explores the role of leadership in transforming learning. Mobile devices and Web 2.0 participatory applications have become a pervasive feature of modern life in the past few years, yet our educational system is still based on an outdated industrial age model. Learn about a series of tools and resources that CoSN has developed that help you understand the skills educational and education technology leaders need to reimagine learning. Hear how some school districts are rethinking their acceptable use policies and allowing students to bring their owned devices to school. See how social networking can be used to rethink professional development with online communities of practice. Join us for this exploration of how technology enables a more participatory style of learning and what is your role as an educational leader in making it happen. CoSN is the national professional association for school district technology leaders/CTOs.

Links and/or Materials:
Mastering the Moment: Reimagining Learning in Times of Economic Crisis Powerpoint Presentation

CoSN's Certified Education Technology Leader Certification Program: What are the skills you need to suceed? What it is and how it will help your career and advance the CTO profession.

Bring Your Own Device Discussion - Mike Jamerson/Tim Wilson/Sheryl Abshire

Re-Thinking Communities of Practice - Mike Jamerson

Participatory Learning: Moving from Acceptable to Responsible Use Policies - Tim Wilson

CoSN Membership Benefits - Mike Jamerson