Preconference Workshop

Sunday Evaluation

21st-Century Skills: Tools and Resources for Teachers

Mary Mehsikomer

Technology Integration Development & Outreach Facilitator
12/11/11, 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Lake Calhoun

Students need to master skills beyond basic content knowledge to succeed both academically and economically in a global economy. This workshop provides an overview of the components of 21st century skills, along with a wide array of tools and teaching strategies for helping students of all ages build these skills. Participants will leave this workshop with a complete understanding of 21st century skills and walk away with an array of resources and tools to use to incorporate these concepts into daily instruction.

Links and/or Materials:
21st Century Skills in Action: Communication, collaboration, listening, and information literacy

Web Classroom Resources

Mary Mehsikomer is a Technology Integration Development & Outreach Facilitator at TIES.
Mary welcomes your questions and comments. You can contact her at (651) 999-6510 or at