Preconference Workshop


Interactive Videoconferencing in the K-12 Classroom

Jon Larson

12/08/12, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

Explore the possibilities that Interactive Video Conferencing has to offer the K-12 classroom. Discover what a video field trip is, where to find one, how to arrange the field trip and the steps necessary to prepare your class for the experience. Using video conference systems to connect with experts, content specialists and even classroom to classroom will also be discussed. Several examples of how this technology is being tied directly to classroom curriculum will be shared. Examine the benefits IVC and H.323 video conference equipment has to offer in this time of small budgets and large time constraints.

Links and/or Materials: The google doc used in this class.

Jon Larson
ecmeccjon (twitter and skype)

What is an Interactive Video Conference,
content provider 1-1 collaborations, you can request
multipoint collaborations - MegaConference

1:00 - 1:30 Connect the history center (logging)external image DHR7cGfHSWyb4cjGBR_BcfGoNyqDIcEVF3a9Gxx09rVMsLo7RYOkOZgEuwZ-71wwCOeFRgtVzxS4E-F5CVu9_F-mQm5zP2idLgTaC6r7yG0745Erj5A

1:30 2:00 Equipment: What do you need to connect
__Skype__ (bluejeans)
Cisco Jabber
Classroom H.323 systems
Cisco - Tandberg

How and where do you find them
word of mouth(friends)
contact agency directly, these and others, __NASA__, __Smithsonian__, __National Park Service__

Search these Sites
Center for Interactive learning and
collaboration __CILC.org__
__TWICE__ and Collaboration around the Planet

Favorite Connections

__Minnesota History Center LIVE__

__Minnesota ZOO__

__International Wolf Center__

__Cowles Center__

__BaseBall hall of Fame__

__Rock -n- Roll hall of Fame__

__Adventures in Medical Science__

__Center for Puppetry Arts__

Local Minnesota Venders of h.323 hardware.

__Video Guidance____Alpha Video__
__Tierney Brothers Inc.__
__EPA Audio__
Best Practice Networking from __MnIT services__. aka OET

My Network advice,

Register them with a bridge, these are not data devices

give them their own Vlan

Home run them to your core switch

MUST have a public IP