Preconference Workshop


Minnesota Nice? The Effect of Bullying on Students, Schools and Communities

Aimee Bissonette and Alec Fisher

12/08/12, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

This session starts with a special screening of "Minnesota Nice?" (2012), a documentary by Alec Fischer, a 2012 Edina High School graduate, that explores bullying in public schools from a student's perspective. The film covers student stories from across Minnesota and the need for better antibullying legislation. The filmmaker will answer questions about the film, including how he used Kickstarter to raise funds for the film and how schools can use the film in their antibullying efforts. Participants will also get updated information on legislation, bullying-related lawsuits and effective antibullying measures.

Links and/or Materials:

Minnesota Prevention of Bullying Task Force Final Report
Official Trailer for "Minnesota Nice?"
MN Statute prohibiting bullying in schools
Imagine: Bullying & Suicide Prevention PSA
MARC report on cyberbullying among 11,700 elementary school students
MARC Freshman Study (July 2011)