Preconference Workshop


Facebook 101 for Educators

Jeanne Halderson

12/09/12, 8:30 AM-11:30 AM

Find out what kids are doing on Facebook, learn the lingo so you can understand the unique social situations kids are encountering and discover how to prevent someone from stealing your personal, school or class identity. In this workshop, you will create a Facebook page with privacy settings tailored to your own specifications, learn to use the features and explore the legal issues. Facebook isn’t going away. Educating yourself is the best way to take charge in social networking situations at your school.

Links and/or Materials:

Facebook101 Overview
Great link to watch after the class to review and learn about Facebook in more depth.
Facebook Help -

2012 Facebook Statistics

Create A Facebook Account
How To Create An Account

My Favorite Avatar Sites (also appropriate for students)

Using Your Account
Glossary of Facebook terms

Facebook Settings
A great video from Consumer Reports showing privacy settings.
Facebook Privacy Directions -

Recommended Privacy Settings

Facebook Lingo (and other popular terms)
NOT SCHOOL APPROPRIATE but sometimes helpful.

Contacting Facebook if Your Identity Is Stolen

How To Log On To Facebook And Override Your School Filter
Just google “unblock facebook at school” to get over 11 million results. - Here is a helpful one.

Informative Sites For Educators
Facebook For Parents -
Common Sense Media -
New Media Literacies -
Harvard’s GoodWork Project -
Common Sense Media Agreement -
Cyberbulling Research Center -

Recommended E-Books (or hard copy)
Free Copy of Little Brother -
Use to stimulate discussion with kids/adults-
From Fear To Facebook - One School's Journey

Educators on Facebook - A New Dilemma
Should Teachers Be Disciplined- NPR - 4/10/12
Is Facebook Like Protected Under Free Speech?

Current Social Networking Court Cases
Student's FB Message Is Free Speech - 9/18/12
Can Schools Suspend A Student Over A Facebook Post? June 15, 2012
Can Schools Discipline Students For Creating A Mean Facebook Page?

Four Cases That Have Defined Facebook Laws
1969 Tinker vs DesMoines - The Case That We Hold Social Networking Up Against
Ms. Sarah Phelps is the Worst Teacher
2005 Fake Page - Principal Kept Beer & Drugs In Desk
2007 Another Fake Principal Page Saying He Was A Sex Addict and Pedophile (case was later reversed by a higher court)

Other Cases

Contacting Facebook if Your Identity Is Stolen

Points To Ponder
Principal Friends Students
Principal Says “NO” to Facebook
Facebook Deals With Free Speech Rights

Creating A School or District Facebook Page
Something To Consider Before Creating Pages and Groups

First Amendment Rights And Facebook
First Amendment Center -!

Top Apps -