Preconference Workshop


Learning Jams: Improving BYOD Learning and Engagement

Jim Hirsch

12/09/12, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

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Looking for ways to bridge BYOD efforts with improved student learning and engagement? These “jam sessions” can be an energizing strategy to ignite student learning in your classrooms. At times informal and unstructured opportunities can enable spontaneous learning and provide opportunities for effective use of student owned devices. Join this workshop where participants will explore learning jams with unusual problems to sharpen their abilities with investigative tools and strategies. Experience the use of web-based “jam tools” such as Wikispaces, myPad, Scribblar, Evernote, TodaysMeet, Onelinr, Socrative, and Corkboard to provide a canvas for student jamming to come alive.

"This century we're going to learn a lesson about what it means to be unable to forget anything." Charles Stross

Links and/or Materials:

This workshop is fully digital. Account credentials to access the site will be provided to workshop participants.

In the meantime, one of our learning jams might involve Monopoly variants, so I guess a person could start considering those.... or practice your thinking skills on agoogleaday..... or be ready to use some cloud based tools such as and Scribblar

Learning jams will have everyone building on the contributions of others!

And, if you want to try a real collaborative jam in the music sense, try out (requires the Chrome browser)