Preconference Workshop


Tools for Managing iPads in Education Environments

Pete Markham, Apple Systems Engineer.

12/09/12, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

This workshop will provide hands-on practice in the use of tools needed to manage iPads in an educational setting. Tools covered will include iTunes, Configurator, VPP and MDM. Participants are required to bring their own equipment (Specifications to follow.)

Links and/or Materials:

iOS 5 Deployment Guide for Education

iOS Volume Purchase Program Resources for EDU

VPP Overview


VPP Store

Apple Configurator Resources

Mac App Store Page for Apple Configurator

Intro to Apple Configurator Video

Apple Configurator Help/Manual archived webcasts on Apple Configurator

Mobile Device Management Resources:

MDM Whitepaper

Intro to Profile Manager Video

Managing iOS Device with Lion Server Video