Preconference Workshop


Portfolios and Assessments Using Apple’s iPad

Sean Martinson

12/09/12, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

Explore how to use the iPad to create student portfolios using apps such as EverNotee and how to import existing assessments for organization on the iPad with apps such as GoodReader. The presenter speaks from the elementary school perspective, including Kindergarten.

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My name is Sean Martinson and I'll be leading our group this weekend as we discuss how to use the iPad for Portfolios and Assessments. So first of all, thank you for choosing to spend some time with me this weekend! Although we can take time first thing Sunday, I'm hoping that by sending you this email now we can make a more efficient use of our time.

Here are some things you may want to bring with you and/or add to your iPad before you come.

Any current assessments that you fill out on paper (formal, informal, quick checks). Better yet would be to have access to a digital copy, say for instance in your email, drop box, or Google Drive. Any place we can access it from the iPad.

Any student work that you would consider taking a picture of for future reference. Ex. art work, student writing, projects etc.
I will have a 3rd grade helper with me (my daugher Kenny) should you like choose to create any audio recordings.
We will work with a couple specific apps, GoodReader and Evernote.

For Evernote you will want to not only download but set up an account.

You will also need a "PDF Reader". If you have your favorite one already, great, otherwise I'll be speaking about GoodReader.

Email or call if you have ANY questions. See you Sunday!

Sean Martinson
Principal - Murphy Elementary School
Former Kindergarten and 4th/5th Multiage Teacher

If you need to call or text me, especially if it will save both you and I time, please use the following number: 218.209.2573

Dad to Three Amazing Kids
M.S. Educational Leadership
Licensed K-12 Principal
Education, Leadership, and Technology Consultant