Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

60+ iPad Apps for Music Education

Christopher Russell

12/10/12, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM
Greenway F/G

The App Store is full of apps that are dedicated to music and education, but many of those apps have no connection to music education. Sixty apps covering all levels and disciplines, including general music, recorder, guitar, orchestra and choir, will be presented that can be used in music education.

Links and/or Materials:

My apologies for missing this morning's session. With the snow last night, I left 45 minutes earlier than normal (to drive to Minneapolis) and the drive actually took 2 hours and 45 minutes. All of the apps I would have discussed appear below, and I will be repeating this session at the MMEA Mid-Winter Conference in February (weather permitting, of course).

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at my blog e-mail address: I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

And again, my apologies for missing the session this morning.

--Chris Russell

Here are the 60 apps that will be covered at the presentation (all links are to the iTunes store):

  1. forScore (PDF Sheet Music Reader)
  2. unrealBook (PDF Sheet Music Reader)
  3. Avid Scorch (Sibelius Reader)
  4. Finale Songbook (Finale Reader)
  5. Chromatik (A new way of providing music to students)
  6. SeeScore (MusicXML Reader, Lite Version Available)
  7. Notion (Music Notation)
  8. Noteshelf (Hand-written notes/music)
  9. GarageBand (Music Instruments and Composition)
  10. SMART Notebook (SMART Notebook for the iPad)
  11. Skitch (Annotation of photos on the iPad--now owned by Evernote)
  12. Paper by Fifty-Three (Drawing app)
  13. Keynote for iOS (I will present on Keynote this afternoon)
  14. Explain Everything (Presentations; Recording Presentations, Importing PowerPoint/Keynote)
  15. iCab Mobile (Save YouTube and other video formats to Camera Roll)
  16. Splashtop 2 (Control PC from iPad)
  17. Doceri (Control PC from iPad)
  18. Theory Lessons (Theory Lessons based on
  19. Tenuto (Theory Exercises based on
  20. Octavian (Scale/Chord Calculator, Octavian Basics also available)
  21. Music Theory for Beginners (Self-explanatory)
  22. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro (Examines chord relationships in traditional music theory from a graphic-based perspective)
  23. Sight Reader (The first app that attempts to build sight reading skills and assess from external audio, still being developed)
  24. Wild Chords(Guitar trainer; teaches you chords and individual notes--listens for correct responses)
  25. Ampkit (Converts iPad to a Guitar Amp, needs external chord)
  26. Guitar Pad (Actually play the guitar on the iPad, new mode guesses what chord you are playing)
  27. Guitar Toolkit (Hands down, the best guitar "accessory" on the iPad...tuner, chords, misc. tuning, and other instruments)
  28. iMovie
  29. Pinnacle Studio (Movie Editing; was Avid Studio before Avid sold off the video business)
  30. AtPlay Recorder (Cartoon-based interactive training on how to play the recorder)
  31. RecorderMaster (Interactive Training on the recorder)
  32. Camera (stock app)
  33. Teacher Kit (Classroom management app, grades, etc.)
  34. ClassDojo (Classroom management that your students will love--any age)
  35. Thumb Jam (iPad/iOS Instrument Simulator)
  36. MadPad HD (Record Videos & Sound, Mix to create new compositions)
  37. Dr. Seuss Band (Create your own Seuss instrument)
  38. Mozart Interactive HD (Control characters to perform a Mozart piece)
  39. My Musical Friends HD (Learn the musical instruments)
  40. Melody Street HD (A story featuring the instruments of the orchestra)
  41. Musical Me HD (An app for children to explore music)
  42. My Note Games (Play your instrument and the app gives you feedback)
  43. DoReMi 123 (Interact with the musical scale in different settings; learn songs)
  44. Singing Fingers HD (Record sounds while you draw)
  45. ClearTune(A simple but effective tuner for the iPad--it has been around since early iOS apps)
  46. iStrobosoft HD (The Peterson tuner)
  47. PDF Expert(Simply the best PDF editor on the iPad)
  48. Dustbuster(Piano app for the iPad)
  49. Pianist Pro (Piano keyboard for the iPad...and more)
  50. Pages for iOS
  51. Numbers for iOS
  52. Hokusai (Audio Editor for iPad)
  53. Pocket Wave Pad (Audio Editor for iPad)
  54. Dropbox (Cloud storage)
  55. Evernote (Store everything in the cloud)
  56. Fingering for iPad (Instrument fingerings; also Fingering Strings for the iPad
  57. Soundhound (find out what that song is)
  58. iRealb (Fake Charts and Improv Generator)
  59. SmartMusic Inbox (Listen to SmartMusic assessments and grade from your iPad)
  60. Coming SPRING 2013: SmartMusic for the iPad (this changes the game of music education)