Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

A Reaction to Salman Khan and the Evolution of Flipped Learning

Mike Dronen @mikedronen +mikedronen

Jen Hegna @jenhegna +jenhegna

Frank Noschese @fnoschese +franknoschese

Mike Walker @micwalker +michaelwalker

Moderated by - Wayne Feller @fellbop +waynefeller

12/11/12, 1:20 PM-2:10 PM
Nicollet D

Join the panelists for a conversation and reaction to Salman Khan's presentation. Learn what others are saying about Kahn Academy as an "education reform" movement. Finally, see how Byron, Edina and Stillwater are integrating flipped learning for students, staff and the surrounding community. Is it a fad? Where is it headed?

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