Poster Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Ats Integration Through Digital Storytelling

Todd Pierson

12/11/12, 2:25 PM-3:15 PM
Poster Table 6

Arts integration brought to life high school students’ “Living Memories” through digital storytelling in this 2011/2012 unit taught at Rothsay High School. The project was part of a Legacy funded Perpich Arts Integration program. Students blended written expression, visual art and music through a video editing process into a personal expression. Come hear about and see the excitement this unit created.

Three Rothsay teachers, as part of the Perpich Arts Integration Network of Teachers, developed a standards driven arts integration project across ELA, music, and visual arts subjects. The unit had students developed a personal digital story. They wrote the narrative, selected music and visual elements to complement their story, and they recorded their story using Pinacle Studio HD. Students used a digital writing process incorporating peer editing and revisions digitally. They learned about copyright and fair use issues in selecting music to accompany their stories. Teachers experienced the challenges of technology not working as envisioned as they developed an alternative to Google Docs using Microsoft Word. Teachers attending this poster session will be able to see how standards can be linked across disciplines and enriched through arts integration. The Rothsay teachers will have available written step-by-step description of the project along with checklist and evaluative criteria.

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