Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Connecting Globally with Videoconferencing

Mary Mehsikomer

12/11/12, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM
St Croix

Videoconferencing can help your students build 21st century skills by expanding their view of the world and providing them with the opportunities to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and create content. Videoconferencing opportunities range from one to one connections to multi-site conferences involving classes around the globe. Many free and low-priced resources are available to connect your students to the world using videoconferencing. Participants will learn about opportunities to connect through Skype, Google, H.323 interactive videoconferencing technology and more. Participants will also receive tips on how to have a successful videoconferencing experience.

Links and/or Materials: A presentation containing live links to all the resources that will be discussed can be accessed at

Questions can be directed to me at or by phone at (651) 999-6510. I look forward to sharing my excitement about videoconferencing learning experiences with you.

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