Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

E-Learning = Moodling with Collaborative Curriculum

Dave Sherwin and Tanna Kincaid

with support from the English Department
12/10/12, 1:20 PM-2:10 PM
Greenway H/I

This session gives an overview of the ongoing PLC journey where “job alike” colleagues construct Moodle Master Courses. These Master Courses are a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous instructional module activities that are plentiful and diverse to meet the ever-changing needs of the 21st century student and teacher. The presentation will demonstrate some examples of these Moodle Master Courses that teachers created collaboratively and are currently using to supplement their current 2012-2013 courses. The benefit of designing digital curriculum is that the access to the content is more important than the device the student uses. Besides a computer, these courses can be access using either netbook, Nook, Kindle or Smartphones.
The professional development enhancement is simply the collaborative nature of the teachers focusing on the content standards to create digital curriculum to supplement their face-to-face instruction. The teachers are also creating shared assessments, which can then be given electronically to help teachers make instructional decisions. Having teachers have a shared master course to build their content has increased the productivity of both the teachers and professional development.
So a gentle and gradual shift from textbook-heavy classrooms to a “digital focus” on the essential learning targets is evolving through the use of this 21st century tool.

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Moodle Common Core @ BPSD This Common Core Moodle is Bismarck Public School District’s workspace for prioritizing and deconstructing standards to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. The standards are designed to provide guidance so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help students. Plus help students reflect on the knowledge and skills that they need for success.

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