Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Expanding Classroom Opportunities with H.323 Video

Jon Larson

12/11/12, 2:25 PM- 3:15 PM
St Croix

ECMECC has pioneered the use of interactive television as a means of expanding curricular offerings for students and increasing the efficient use of staff resources. Come see how ECMECC has transformed interactive television classes through the use of H.323 video conference equipment while receiving a mini Spanish lesson.

Links and/or Materials: google doc Prezi TIES wiki

What is ECMECC, brief history
1984 - Citation Cable provided transport to 6 districts.
Braham, Cambridge, Mora, Milaca, Ogilvie, Princeton
1995 - Qwest digital for new districts
Hinckley, East Central, Pine City, Rush City and Pine Tech
1997 - US Cable digital for all districts, added
Chisago Lakes, North Branch
2006 - St. Francis

Classes currently offered
41 sections
French 1,2,3 Spanish 1,2,3
ASL 1,2 German 1,2
Chinese 1,2 AP Euro Hist
AP Psych AP Calc
AP Alg/Trig AP Accounting
Medical Terms Marketing
Auto Theory Creative Writing
Spanish Art Electronics

Classes range from 7-38 students
Total enrollment of 575 students
Why ITV?
increase class offering for students
increase enrollment for niche classes from 4 to 24

scheduling Bell and calendar
Teaching Style, interaction,
course expectations, grading.

Equipment: What do you need to connect
__Skype__ (bluejeans)
Cisco Jabber
Classroom H.323 systems
Cisco - Tandberg

Local Minnesota Venders of h.323 hardware.

__Video Guidance__
__Alpha Video__
__Tierney Brothers Inc.__
__EPA Audio__

Best Practice Networking from __MnIT services__. aka OET

My Network advice,
Register them with a bridge, these are not data devices
give them their own Vlan
Home run them to your core switch
MUST have a public IP