Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Free or Nearly Free Utilities for the Network Administrator

Tim Leerhoff
12/11/12, 10:55 AM-11:45 AM

Discover free or almost free utilities that can help you get the job done. We'll share some of our favorites covering virtualization, network and server monitoring, remote control, CD utilities, documentation and editing and more. We'll also explain where to get each of the utilities and how they might be used.

Links and/or Materials:
Here are a bunch of links - also attached is a PDF of the slide deck.

1. Please feel free to add and comment — like these? hate them? Have other cool tools ?

2. - Allows you to create custom URLs (free).

  1. **Google****Shortner** - Same as, but with analytics (also free).

4. GmailLabs - Customize your Gmail (free)

  1. **Google****Alerts** - RSS monitor the web for new content on your search terms. Email or RSS. (free)
  2. **Google****Docs** - Now with discussions! sharing, realtime collaborative editing, etc (free! as in beer [or kittens]) can also be accessed from your phone or tablet device, with limitations.
  3. **Google****Reader** - RSS reader/aggregator - Google Reader constantly checks your
  4. favorite news sites, journals and blogs for new content. (free)
  5. **Feedly**- RSS reader/aggregator - runs on top of Google Reader, much prettier (free for desktop, $2.99 for iOS but free for the next 72 hours!! also for Android)
  6. something else!
  7. **Google****Refine** **(****Freebase****Gridworks****)** - Clean your data (free)
  8. **Greasemonkey****/****Userscripts** - Make your browser work for you (free)
  9. **iGoogle****widgets**Embeddable widgets for iGoogle, gmail and the web (free)
  10. **JANE** **(****Journal****Author****Name****Estimator****)** - Have you recently written a paper, but you're not sure to which journal you should submit it? JANE can help. (free)
  11. **Many****Eyes** - Data visualization for mere mortals (free)
  12. **Mendeley** - Document manager, research tool - Document reader, annotation and citation tool (Mac, Win, iOS, Android) (free)
  13. **Papers** - Document manager, research tool - document reader, annotation and citation tool with integrated article search and article recognition (Mac/iOS/iPad)
  14. **polldaddy** - survey software
  15. wordle- - tool for developing word clouds
  16. - Open Source tool for sound, music etc. A place for people to share their own music
  17. - A free wiki tool
  18. X1 - search and archive on steroids
  19. Topicmarks- - Reads, summarizes, and indexes PDFs. How do all graduate students not know about this? (free)
  20. RedKid sign generator plus more!
  21. Screen Casting software: Captivate:
    Mac: Snapz Pro, Screen Flow Both are proprietary software that facilitate screencasting on the Mac. Start recording and go. For Windows, CamStudio: is a free screencasting tool. Nero Vision is a proprietary, more fully-featured screencasting tool for Windows: You can also find out about taking screenshots (static images of a desktop) here, for Windows:, and here, for Mac:
  22. SnagIt - screen capture,
  23. Screenr Web-based screen recording
  24. jing - - voice over screen sharing
  25. TextAloud - Windows software to read aloud websites, PDFs, and Word Documents:
  26. GhostReader - Mac software that reads aloud PDFs.
  27. IT Interest Group at UW-Madison (also on Facebook!/home.php?sk=group_201584779860211) An informal monthly gathering to discuss fun new (or new to you!) technology tools - anyone can join
  28. CrazyTalk: 2D animator, make an image talk
  29. Fodey Make creative newspaper clippings/headlines
  30. FileappPro - Files Manager & Reader (iOS)
  31. Splashtop - remote access app; w/ full video and audio support! See desktop, use regular browser with Flash and all your bookmarks, watch movies, and access any application or file on your computer. (iOS, Android)
  32. Skype - telephony (all platforms)
  33. Dragon Naturally Speaking - voice-to-text (FlexT9 for Android)
  34. Writepad - text editing using handwriting recognition software for cursive, print, or mixed handwriting styles (iOS)
  35. Pandora - Personal Radio (all platforms)
  36. iAnnotate - PDF reader and annotation (iOS)
  37. Mendeley - Document reader, annotation and citation tool (free, Mac/Win/iOS/Android)
  38. Papers - Document reader, annotation and citation tool with integrated article search (Mac/iOS)
  39. iThoughts HD - mind mapping ($8-10)
  40. Mindmeister - Mind mapping (free)
  41. Cisco Mobile - Smartphone network management
  42. Instapaper - save and read later (iOS, Kindle, computer)
  43. AwesomeNote - full sync with Google Docs and EverNote (iOS)
  44. AirDisplay - iPad as external monitor
  45. Dropbox - - online document storage and sharing
  46. Google Books - searchable full text and previews; large library content conversion process underway (esp. public domain)
  47. Google Docs - now with discussions! sharing, realtime collaborative editing, etc
  48. AirSketch
  49. SkyFire/iSwftex - mobile browser for iPhone, iPad and Android (with Flash content!)
  50. iWork - wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentations and more ($79 Mac Desktop/$10 each for iPad)
  51. LastPass - is an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure (free, Mac/iOS/Linux/Win/Android)
  52. Attendance - iOS app for classroom records (also meetings and sharing)
  53. DocumentsToGo - Portable productivity tools (MS Office mini-apps, file conversion, etc)
  54. QuickOffice Connect - file management and sharing via email and cloud (many portable devices - smartphones, iOS, Android, etc)
  55. Feedly - RSS aggregator/reader - Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android)
  56. Popplet - mindmapping tool ($4.99, iOS)
  57. **bit****.****ly**- a friendly url shortener
  58. Delicious- social bookmarks; see for over 500 links to education, govt, art, science & Web 2.0 tools
  59. italc -
  60. crossloop - secure vnc
  61. Zoom It -
  62. Cool Timer - computerized timer for classroom
  63. - apps that run from USB drive
  64. notepad++
  65. Context - notepad on steroids with highlighters
  66. animoto
  67. **docdroid****.****net** - upload .doc, preview in html, and download in any form
  68. ZenWorks Application Virtualization (ZAV)
  69. Alan Levine - Fifty+ Web Tools - A list of web storytelling tools
  70. - music streaming - any song, over and over again with playlists, sharing, supported by pay versions on iOS and Droid devices
  71. Desktops by Mark Russinovich
  72. - online video editor
  73. try to create buttons to apps
  74. - Online collage/storytelling tool
  75. jing from techsmith - screen and process capture tool with webcam and audio capture - uploads to youtube - 14.99 for a year pro edition that saves to mp4 format (**jing**/ (see also CamStudio)
  76. Evernote - - a program that lets you share audio, video, picture, and/or text notes between any mobile device.
  77. : Online movie maker with character animation
  78. Audacity: online an application based for audio editing
  79. Audiogalaxy - - stream music/mp3 files from your home computer to your android device, iPhone/iPad or personal audiogalaxy webspace.
  80. Synergy - share keyboard and mouse between multiple computers
  81. Drupal Core + Shorten + Short URL = personal url shortener that can create secure, trustworthy, branded links. Examples include:,,
  82. WireShark - network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows
  83. Feedly
  84. Google Moderator (who has a better solution?)
  85. LibreOffice - open-source version of OpenOffice
  86. SpotMau (and Spinrite) -
  87. Google Refine (Freebase Gridworks) - Clean your data
  88. Wunderlist - simple project management
  89. Toodledoo- Task Manager
  90. Remember the Milk - Task Manager
  91. doodle - - schedule a meeting with multiple people and see what day/time works best at a glance
  92. Tiddlywiki - personal wiki
  93. TodoCal+sync - calendar, email, to do lists (iOS)
  94. Ccleaner, used to fix registry issues and file issues
  95. clean malware off of a computer
  96. Avast antivirus - Free for home
  97. - free streaming video service, from phone to web
  98. PC Decrapifier - - remove all the trial/custom programs that come with your new pc.
  99. Hitman pro -
  100. AdBlock Pus remove adds from online media
  101. Spiceworks - project manager, maybe free?
  102. **oldversion****.****com** (all the software that you can’t get!)
  103. ScannerRadio (Android App)
  104. - conference tool
  105. Open Project - Alternative to MS Project
  106. VideoDownloadHelper - FF extension to allow download of video from Youtube, Vimeo
  107. allows shared planning/scheduling events [ah... you already have this @ # 62...]
  108. recover deleted files from formatted disk
  109. Greasemonkey/Userscripts - make your browser work for you
  110. Testdisk - get data from your thumbdrive when you accidentally erase it
  111. to edit pics
  112. SumoPaint - decent free image editor
  113. - suite of media editing tools
  114. Collaborize - makes your lists move/any object, any thing
  115. LIghtspeed filtering
  116. MyBigCampus - Facebook clone, which is safe. And “free” (for subscribers of Lightspeed)!
  117. - concept mapping
  118. cMap tools - - Free concept-mapping software, allows for online collaboration on concept maps.
  119. 7-zip (archive utility for opening all sorts of formats)
  120. WinISO, allows you to open ISO files
  121. ISOmount, allows you to mount an ISO as a drive letter
  122. MediaMonkey make ringtones from MP3
  123. Poll Everywhere
  124. Poll Daddy
  125. zotero-organize, analyze, and share research
  126. My fake wall
  127. Prezi - - The anti-powerpoint; new style of presentation software that zooms and allows for a more spatial presentation style; free and with low-cost educational license options