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I Get It! Visualization Solutions that Support Secondary 9-12 Standards

David Burgess and Larry Mascotti

12/10/12 and 12/11/12, 10:55 AM-11:45 AM
Greenway Promenade

Mastery of many Secondary School standards can be enhanced through a creative use of interactive visualization tools. In this session, teachers who use these tools in school planetariums will share examples that have made a difference and have helped students master difficult concepts. Examples will include free tools and techniques you can adapt for use in your classroom. Topics include Earth & Space Science, Life Science, Engineering, and Geography.
How can teachers use data in a virtual environment to help students infer knowledge? How do we build learning environments and curriculum that capitalize on this potential? Whether it's a tour of the universe or a trip through the human heart, there are a growing numbers of datasets and interactive tools that are finding a way into the learning environment. I Get It! is a two day strand featuring a group of Minnesota educators tackling this challenge using domed environments. These environments mimic the natural spherical perspective of human vision, providing greatly enhanced depth, immersion, and retention of
learning. These educators will demonstrate instructional examples in a dome, and will include free non-domed tools teachers can begin using with students.

For more information:
  1. WWW version of session presentation file. Includes resource links on the last slide
  2. Data Scaling and Learning - A summary document prepared for the 2011 STEM Summit at the University of Minnesota.
  3. An Informational guide to Uniview. This document describes the technology and includes narrative summaries from a variety of users.
  4. Showing Darkness in a Whole New Light - An article from the Nov-Dec 2009 issue of the MN School Board Association Journal. It features the work of Mayo, Mankato, and Como planetariums.
  5. The GeoDome WWW site is where you can learn more about the technology used by the members of the Minnesota Regional Planetarium Network. This site is from Elumenati, the company that designs and builds portable systems like the ExploraDome (aka GeoDome) and offers a variety of solutions for immersive environments.
  6. In November 2010 the Minnesota Planetarium Society and the MnPS Regional Network partners won a Tekne Award from the Minnesota High Technology Association. The Minnesota Tekne Awards honor companies, innovations, and individuals that positively impact Minnesota's technology-based economy. The ExploraDome and regional network won for: Technology Excellence in Higher Education or Non-Profit Organization.