Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

K-5 Research Projects Go Digital

12/11/12, 12:15 PM-1:05 PM
Millennium Hall of Avenues 4-5

Elementary research projects can move beyond recall of basic facts when they go digital. Come see how students authentically use information media and technology skills to demonstrate learning from core curriculum in a format that incorporates images, video, text and voice. These projects promote collaboration, creativity and communication.

Christine Voitlander, Ed. D
Library Media Specialist
ISTE NETS*T Certified Teacher
Palmer Lake Elementary School
7300 Palmer Lake Drive
Brooklyn Park, MN 55429
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Pamela Manders
Library Media Specialist
ISTE NETS*T Certified Teacher
Zanewood Elementary School
7000 Zane Ave N
Brooklyn Park, MN 55429
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Links and/or Materials:

Teaching Research
We use the Steve Dunn model of teaching research. This uses a gradual release model. We teach research year round instead of one big research project. We focus on the skills we want the students to learn. We teach first by modeling the process and then move into shared experiences and then to independent research.

We give books- Free ebooks from The Penguine Group. Includes fiction and nonfiction books appropriate through age 10. You will need to create an account to use.
BookFlix BookFlix pairs a fiction book with a nonfiction book on the same topic. This is a subscription service free through many public libraries. You will need to check with your library system and enter your library barcode to use.

Digital Tools
Our schools use iPods, iPads, microphones and computers to complete these projects.

Glogster - Multimedia Poster creation tool Sample Teacher Glog
StoryKit - Create an electronic story TREX
AudioBoo - Easy to use audio recorder for iPods or Android devices. Allows you to post to the web.
Songify - Audio recorder for iPods or Android devices that turns your voice into a funky song. Students love it!
Blogger - Publishing is always engaging for students. Checkout this cool dinosaur research blog. Super teaming with Songify.
Voki - Voki Classroom was worth the purchase. It gives a nice alternative assessment after many research projects.
OsseoApps- Our District 279 Google Pages. Students enjoy collaborating with their classmates and sharing their work with teachers and parents!

Blabberize - Blabberize is a nice tool to use with students. They enjoy animating their work.