Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Mac Tips and Tricks

Pete Markham

12/10/12, 12:15 PM-1:05 PM
Lake Superior B

Want to know how to find hidden settings on your Mac? Want to know those power tips to get the most out of your Mac? This session will show you options and controls that can make your life a little bit easier and more productive.
May contain commercial content.

Links and/or Materials:

Safari 6
Mac Basics: Safari 6 in Mountain Lion:

Dictation (Mountain Lion Only)
With Dictation, you can use your voice instead of typing text. No setup or special training is required. In addition to English, as of 10.8.2, it supports a number of foreign languages as well. For details on Dictation, see the article below.
Mac Basics: Dication:

The Preview Application
Preview is a PDF Reader application built in to OS X that can also edit images and edit and annotate PDFs.

Preview Basics

Creating a signature to sign PDFs

Other Preview Resources
The Hidden Powers of Mountain Lion's Preview:

Quicktime Player
Quicktime Player allows you to playback many types of audio and video files. In addition, Quicktime Player allows you to do audio, video, and screen recording.

Mac Basics: Quicktime Player:

Using Spotlight on your Mac