Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Making the Most of Student Response Systems

Sarah Lorntson

12/10/12, 1:20 PM-2:10 PM
Greenway B/C

According to Robert Marzano, teachers who use student response systems effectively can see 26 percent increase in student achievement. Learn how to make the most of these powerful devices to create meaningful data, inform instruction and ensure that all students are learning. The session will feature SMART Response and SMART Notebook but concepts can be applied to classroom integration of any response system.

Links and/or Materials:
PDF of session presentation

Socrative (free student response system for web-based devices and iOS)

About the Presenter:

Sarah Lorntson is an English Language Arts teacher at Mahtomedi High School. Additionally, she offers staff training sessions on SMART product integration through Tierney Brothers and on a freelance basis. A 2009 TIES Exceptional Teacher, Sarah has been a SMART Exemplary Educator for 5 years, and she recently completed the SMART Certified Lesson Developer program. Look for her new iOS classroom discussion tracking app, "Show of Hands," available in the iTunes store in early summer, 2012. To contact Sarah, please check out @slorntson on Twitter, or email her.