Breakout Session

Monday Evaluation

Planning and Preparing for an IVC Experience

Jon Larson

12/10/12, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM
St Croix

Explore the possibilities that Interactive Video Conferencing has to offer the K-12 classroom. Discover how to arrange for a conference and the steps necessary to prepare you students for the trip.

Links and/or Materials: a google doc with links and other tidbits.

Equipment: What do you need to connect
__Skype__ (bluejeans)
Cisco Jabber
Classroom H.323 systems
Cisco - Tandberg

How and where do you find them
word of mouth(friends)
contact agency directly, these and others, __NASA__, __Smithsonian__, __National Park Service__
Search these Sites
Center for Interactive learning and
collaboration __CILC.org__
__TWICE__ and Collaboration around the Planet

Types of Interactive Video Conference,
content provider 1-1 collaborations, you can request
multipoint collaborations - MegaConference

Favorite Connections
__Minnesota History Center LIVE__
__Minnesota ZOO__
__International Wolf Center__
__Cowles Center__
__BaseBall hall of Fame__
__Rock -n- Roll hall of Fame__
__Adventures in Medical Science__
__Center for Puppetry Arts__

Local Minnesota Venders of h.323 hardware.

__Video Guidance__
__Alpha Video__
__Tierney Brothers Inc.__
__EPA Audio__

Best Practice Networking from __MnIT services__. aka OET

My Network advice,
Register them with a bridge, these are not data devices
give them their own Vlan
Home run them to your core switch
MUST have a public IP