Poster Session

Monday Evaluation

The C4 Model of Learning and You


Lisa Sjogren and Tom Brandt, Osseo Schools

12/10/12, 12:15 PM-1:05 PM
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Come learn why collaboration, communication and creativity can make explosive content. The C4 Model of Learning, created by Osseo Area Schools, has been recognized with ISTE’s highest recognition, alignment at the Mastery Level. Meet the project leads to learn how this program can be used with your school and teachers.

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The International Society for Technology in Education completed a Seal of Alignment for Mastery review of Osseo's Area Schools' C4 Model of Learning professional development on January 29, 2012. ISTE determined that the program clearly supports implementation of the ISTE NETS for Teachers (NETS*T 2008) in a specific, carefully reviewed and documented manner and prepares participants to substantially meet the following indicators:

Meets: 1d, 2a

After the Event:

For more information about the C4 Model of Learning feel free to contact C4 Organizers
Lisa Sjogren, Project Lead
p: 763-391-7287

Tom Brandt
p: 763-391-7285