Breakout Session

Tuesday Evaluation

Web 2.0 Professional Development in Your Building

Emily Hope Hofher

12/11/12, 8:00 AM-8:50 AM
Hyatt 3rd floor- 3060

Looking to develop training for teachers to help them explore the plethora of free web 2.0 tools? Come learn about a virtual professional development opportunity developed at Mounds View Public Schools by library media specialists for middle school teachers. Participants will receive all resources used in the program's planning, execution and assessment.

Links and/or Materials:

Summer Camp 2.0: A Staff Development Program
Emily Hope Hofher, Library Media Specialist, __Emily.Hope-Hofher@moundsviewschools.org__
Jenna Pomraning, Library Media Specialist, __Jenna.Pomraning@moundsviewschools.org__
Jeremy Squires, Technology Integration Specialist, __Jeremy.Squires@moundsviewschools.org__

In the Beginning...
  • With the technology divide widening, we had a desperate need to provide meaningful technology staff development efficiently and effectively
  • Collaborated with other middle school tech staff to organize staff development
  • Gauged interest from staff and pitched the program to district administrators

Getting Staff on Board
  • Promo video!
  • Staff meetings
  • Monetary incentives (enriched district credits)
  • Marketing and Branding

Nuts and Bolts

Stumbling blocks
  • Support for people who are not comfortable with technology. How do we support without enabling?
  • Dropout rate/ work completion
  • Perception that it’s not relevant to all curricular areas
  • Overcoming staff fear of web 2.0
    • give examples of practical classroom application
    • educate staff about the potential issues (age requirements, public domain issues)
    • be an enthusiastic cheerleader!

  • Sample Blogs
  • Teacher feedback, reflections and survey results
  • Student feedback
  • Our feedback

  • Conference Google Doc handout
  • Prezi
  • Summer Camp 2.0 Blog
  • Tech Boot Camp Blog
  • Ten Tips About 23 Things
  • Learning 2.0: 23 things you can do to become web 2.0 savvy
  • Summer Camp Intro Slides:
  • Staff Survey Form: